Breed Standards for Mini Foxies & Tenterfield Terriers


The following are extracts from the Breed Standards for the Mini Foxie and Tenterfield Terrier.

The Breed Standards are basically the same. However the Tenterfield Terrier Breed Standard allows additional colours (liver & white and blue & white) and the round foot shape.


Mini Foxie:  















           Tri colour Mini Foxie


Appearance: Small sized, smooth coated, well balanced and agile terrier. Length of the body should be in proportion to the length of the legs. 

TemperamentAlert with inquiring nature. Bold, confident, intelligent and eager to learn. Showing great loyalty to their owners.

Colour: Predominately white coat which can be white & black, white and black with tan markings (known as tri colour) or tan & white. No other colours permitted. Full coloured coats are not permitted. 

Skin Highly pigmented in black or tan.

Head: Wedge shaped, gently sculpted, semi-flat not rounded or apple headed.

Nose: Must be solid black.

EyesSlightly oval shaped and dark in colour.

Ears: Pointed V shape with slightly rounded tips, either erect of folded.

Mouth: Full dentition, complete scissor bite.

Body: Straight back, level topline. Body tapers slightly from rib to flank.

CoatSingle coat, short, dense and fine smooth texture. Can be slightly longer on ruff of neck.  

Feet: Compact and oval shaped (sometimes called semi-hare footed), not round in shape.

Tail: Smooth coated, gradually tapering and carried at an angle away from body. Not curled over the back. Bobtails can occur naturally.

Height: Between 24cm to 30.5cm (9 1/2 to 12 inches)


Tenterfield Terrier:

















     Tri colour Tenterfield Terrier


Appearance: Strong, active, agile terrier. Measurement of wither to ground and wither to rear point of buttock should be equal proportions.

Temperament: Keen, intelligent, alert expression. Confident, eager to learn. Showing great loyalty to owners. Fearless and bold, ideal companion dog in the home.

Colour: Predominantly white with black, tan, liver and blue, and/or with tan markings. Tri colour common. Blue colour accepted. Full coloured coats not acceptable.

Skin: Always pigmented.

Head: Wedged shaped. Slightly rounded from ear to ear.

Nose: Solid black with the exception of liver.

Eyes: Slightly oval shaped. Dark as possible. Pigmented eye rims.

Ears: V shaped with slightly rounded tips. Erect or semi erect 

Mouth: Full dentition, complete scissor bite.

Body: Short, compact with level topline.

Coat: Short, smooth single coat.

Feet: Compact, round shaped, toes moderately arched. (Oval shape is accepted).

Tail: Moderate length, carried gaily. High set and erect when alert but not carried over the back. Bobtails occur naturally.

Height: Between 25.5cms to 30.5cms (10 to 12 inches). 


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