House training  

Some dogs are house trained over a weekend while others may take 6 months but you will need to be consistent and not give up. You should begin house training as soon as you bring your puppy home.

Puppies are conditioned by their mothers not to relieve themselves in their den so they pick up on the concept of house training quite easily, plus their digestive tract is extremely quick so from 5 to 30 minutes after they have eaten they will want to defecate.

Feed at a regular time and then take your puppy outside to toilet. Always use the same route to the potty spot (the scent left in that area will act as a trigger) so that it becomes part of a routine and will help the puppy to understand what is expected of it.

Give your puppy time and don't talk too much or play with your puppy as this will distract it. I quietly use the command "do wee" when at the potty spot. Once your puppy has successfully done the job it is important to reward the good behavior with praise and a pat to get across the message of a job well done.

First thing in the morning, before going to bed and after feeding or play, take your puppy outside to the same area. Young puppies also need a few night time trips. It is important to be consistent so your puppy will learn the new habit.

Don't punish or yell at your puppy if it has an accident as this will

create a negative association. Quietly remove your puppy to the

place where you want it to 'go'.

Puppies need to relieve themselves approximately 6 times a day

and are not physically able to control the muscle that allows it to

'hold it' until about 12 weeks of age. Before this time, good

housebreaking routines should be practiced to prevent you puppy

urinating or defecating in the house.

Take you puppy outside often and always watch for signs that

your puppy wants to go, such as sniffing and turning in circles.

Immediately take your puppy out of the house.


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