Before you purchase a puppy


Purchasing a puppy is just the beginning of a commitment (which may continue for 15 years or longer) to love and care for a new ‘other child’. Just like a child, your fur baby needs your time, attention, affection, guidance and health care.   

Your dog will be dependent on you for all its needs so make sure you can afford the on-going costs and allocate money in your household budget for good quality food, flea and worm control and vet costs.


Going on holidays: If you intend leaving your dog at home while you go away on holidays, consider sending them to a well managed dog boarding kennel. You will have peace of mind knowing your dog is housed securely and will have company, food

and water. You may also prevent possible heartache, as many a much loved doggy has been left at home alone only to fret, wander away or be forgotten by those who were to care for them.  


Secure yard fencing: Prevention is always better than cure, so secure yard fencing is vital. Remember, not only are you keeping your dog in the yard but also keeping bigger, more aggressive dogs out! 

Mesh foot netting (available at rural and hardware stores) can be dug in at the bottom of the fence to prevent your dog from digging under the fence.

Easy to assemble dog enclosures suitable for pups & dogs are available from Vebo Pet Supplies, Sydney NSW. Click on the link:

At Coolamin we use Product Code PPE002b - 1.8 metres high. Additional panels can be purchased to cover the top or make the enclosure larger. Nylon mesh shade cover also available.


A warm place to sleep and dog training for your ‘other child’

(and your family) can prevent problems from developing. 

Allocate time to provide exercise and stimulation for your dog to

prevent boredom and the development of annoying habits. If you are

working full time and your puppy is to be left alone for long periods,

consider getting another dog as a companion (be careful what breed you

select) or enrol your dog in doggy Day Care so they can have

company, stimulation and exercise during the day.


Swimming Pools:  Adult dogs and puppies can drown in a

swimming pool. When a small dog falls into a swimming pool they are

unable to get back out. Make sure that any gaps in or under the pool

fence are small enough to prevent the dog from squeezing through and any gap should be smaller than your dog's shoulder width.


Register your puppy: Your puppy will be wormed, vet checked, vaccinated and micro chipped with the number displayed on your vaccination papers. You should register your puppy at your local council which will update the microchip data base so that if your dog becomes lost, you can be located as its owner. It is also a good idea to put a collar on your dog when exercising, with a name tag displaying the dog’s name and your mobile phone number so you can be contacted in the event that your dog becomes separated from you.


Wedge tailed Eagles: Eagles, hawks (and large owls) have been know to take puppies and adult dogs. If there are eagles in your area make sure any outdoor enclosure has a mesh roof over it and don't leave your pup outside unsupervised.

Providing a good home or your puppy is worth the effort as the rewards are great and you will experience years of unconditional love and loyalty from your fur baby.



Coolamin kennels are now registered Tenterfield Terrier breeders.

Please visit our new website to see photos of our Tentie puppies.

We breed tan & white and also tri-colour (black, white & tan) puppies.

Natural bobtails are available.   

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