History of the breed

The breed commonly known as the Mini Foxie or the Miniature Fox Terrier was brought to Australia by the first settlers as a working dog for rabbiting and ratting and became established in Australia as a working terrier and family companion.

In the early 1900's, interested owners and breeders wanting to secure the future of the terrier formed the Miniature Fox Terrier Clubs of SA, NSW & WA.

In 1992 a new name was adopted in order to have this well known breed recognised by the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC). The name, 'Mini Foxie' was not appropriate because this little Aussie icon is not a miniaturisation of the Fox Terrier. After a survey among members the name Tenterfield Terrier was adopted and in 2002 the Tenterfield Terrier was recognised as a new breed by the ANKC and placed on the Development Register.

There are now Tenterfield Terrier Clubs in QLD, NSW, SA, and WA and members regularly compete in ANKC and Agricultural conformation shows, so that the standard of the breed is constantly being assessed and improved. Tenties are also involved in other disciplines such as Agility, Earth Dogs, Fly Ball & Dances with Dogs. Vet checks, Genetic testing and the ANKC Code of Ethics ensure the health and welfare of the Tentie breed.

A small, independent mini foxie club known as The Mini Foxie Club of Australia (MFCA) remains in NSW however dogs registered to this club are not recognised by the ANKC and are not able to be shown at ANKC Dog Shows or Agricultural Shows.

Coolaminda had been members and registered breeders  of mini foxies from 2007 to 2015 but in order to continue to improve the quality and soundness of our puppies, the decision was made to move into pedigree Tenterfield Terriers. We became Coolamin Tenterfield Terriers in 2015 and are Registered Breeders of Tenterfield Terriers  and members of DogsNSW. 

We are very proud of the success our Tenterfields have experienced in the show ring.